Placement agent

What is a placement agent ?

A placement agent is also known as a TPM, or third party marketer. The placement agent’s essential activity consists of capital raising for asset managers.

The first step in capital raising

A placement agent’s process of capital raising involves several steps. First the TPM makes an initial assessment of potential demand for the asset manager’s product or service, coupled with the development of a marketing strategy and recommendations on the preparation of marketing materials.

The TPM’s initial contact with investors

Then the placement agent makes initial contact with potential investors. The third party marketer makes an initial presentation to potential investors in the asset manager’s product. The placement agent gives comprehensive feedback from investors to the fund manager.

Regular contact maintained by the placement agent

The TPM keeps potential investors regularly up-to-date with the asset manager’s products performance and development. The placement agent may be called upon to fill in questionnaires, maintain databases and handle potential investors’ queries.

Arranging meetings for the portfolio manager

A large part of the third party marketer’s work will involve setting up portfolio manager meetings with potential investors and organising road shows.

Raising capital

Overall the TPM maintains continuous follow-up to develop investor interest in the asset manager’s products and services, and to materialise those interests in a successful capital raising.

The TPM as client relationship manager

Once an investor has invested with the fund manager, the placement agent will often stay involved as the client relationship manager. This involves the third party manager handling many aspects of the investor’s relationship to the asset manager.

Why Juno Finance ?

The professionals at Juno Finance all have extensive financial market and investor contact experience. As a placement agent we have a deep knowledge of asset manager needs and an extensive network of investors in Canada, Europe and Asia. Juno Finance has been a dedicated third party marketer since January 2005.


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